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It’s one hilarious misadventure after another as a pent-up copywriter tries to fulfill her unusual bucket list while outrunning an organ broker who wants her dead.

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The unworldly but focused Ben decides he will do anything to rekindle his sex life, including imitating the erotic techniques of billionaire Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series. Unfortunately for him, his story takes place in the real world. Erotic, hilarious, and highly disturbing, Fifty Shades of Grey:The Experiment is a spin-off that will titillate you, amuse you, and stay with you until the next erotic romance crosses your Kindle.

In my book, Carpe DiEmily, the main character, Emily, writes a bucket list to complete in a year. On her list are such wild things as skinny dipping, having a one-night stand, and running with the bulls in Pamplona. It's gotten me thinking about my own bucket lists, past and present. Before I get into my current list, here are some of the things I've already done (items marked with asterisks are the same as Emily's in the book):

Completed Bucket List Items:

1.) See the Rose Parade live

2.) Learn how to scuba dive

*3.) Parasail 

In my romantic-comedy caper, Carpe DiEmily, there is a chapter about the main character's adventures in Pamplona. Since the old adage is to "write what you know," I did just that, and recreated some scenes in the book that actually happened in real life. One of those was running with the bulls in Pamplona. Yep, crazy ol' me actually tried this insane endeavor when I was twenty, before I had common sense and knew I could actually . . .