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It’s one hilarious misadventure after another as a pent-up copywriter tries to fulfill her unusual bucket list while outrunning an organ broker who wants her dead.

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Simone: The Christmas Hunk book cover

Simone Stevens has never been lucky in love, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. When she meets a sexy mall Santa who sweeps her off her stilettos, she vows to give herself—and him—a Christmas Eve to remember. After a passionate night in front of the fireplace, it soon becomes apparent that this Christmas-obsessed hunk is hiding something. When he leaves abruptly, Simone is left wondering whether their evening together was nothing more than a one-night encounter. She begins to doubt that she’ll ever find true love...until she experiences the magic of the season and realizes that she really does believe after all.

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Romance Earthquake Love book cover


Romance: Earthquake: Love book coverCalifornia girl Selma Morgan is looking for Mr. Right...or Mr. Right Now, depending on the guy. When she finds herself in a nightclub locking lips with a handsome stranger, it feels as though she may have met her future soulmate...especially when the earth moves. Or, it might be the massive earthquake that just happened! Either way, Selma finds herself on a wild dating adventure through foreshocks, aftershocks, and a whole lot of rockin' and rollin'. To complicate matters, a sexy firefighter comes to her rescue after a particularly bad aftershock, and Selma finds herself with a choice to make. Is she about to experience the "big one," and if so, is she ready for that kind of tectonic shift? Follow Selma on her hilarious yet moving adventure as she survives a series of California earthquakes...and finds a seismic love along the way.

Simone Series Boxed Set


The day has finally come! The Simone Series is published and live on all platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Google). Book 1 is currently FREE! I'm very excited about this series! These books follow Simone (Emily's best friend) through a series of hilarious dating disasters as she tries to find a date to her friend's wedding. For fans of CARPE DiEMILY (and of the brash character Simone), you're in for some belly laughs as Simone wades through the muck that is so often the dating world.

Fifty Shades of Grey: The Experiment cover image

When accountant Ben Weaver awakens after an erotic dream, he encounters a wife who is unwilling, uninterested, and who once again has a headache. The unworldly but focused Ben decides he will do anything to rekindle his sex life, including imitating the erotic techniques of billionaire Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series. Unable to withstand the pent-up ache radiating from his tender blue testicles, Ben decides to take Grey's methods to a whole new level in order to relieve the pressure on his . . . er, marriage.

Shocked by her husband's unusual plan, Kate Weaver hesitates in giving him what he desires. But for all his trappings of non-success--his ordinary accounting job where coworkers steal his sandwiches and brag about their sex lives, his lack of wealth, his inability to seduce his own wife--Ben is a man with one saving talent: the driving determination to reignite his sex life no matter what it takes. When the couple embarks on a daring and dangerous physical adventure, Kate discovers her husband's fanatical zeal to explore all of Christian Grey's darkest desires, with calamitous results.

Erotic, hilarious, and highly disturbing, Fifty Shades of Grey: The Experiment is a spin-off that will titillate you, amuse you, and stay with you until the next erotic romance crosses your Kindle.

In my romantic-comedy caper, Carpe DiEmily, there is a chapter about the main character's adventures in Pamplona. Since the old adage is to "write what you know," I did just that, and recreated some scenes in the book that actually happened in real life. One of those was running with the bulls in Pamplona. Yep, crazy ol' me actually tried this insane endeavor when I was twenty, before I had common sense and knew I could actually . . .