First Blog Post of Many To Come

Firsts are interesting things. On the one hand, they’re exciting because they’re… well, firsts. For example, when you go on a new ride at an amusement park, such as one of those tall roller coasters where you can see the mountains of the next town (and which you would never catch me dead on, incidentally . . . so I don’t know why I’m using one in my analogy, but oh well). Anyway, while you’re waiting in line for this roller coaster, you’re likely filled with excitement and anticipation about what is to come. That’s how I feel as I write this very first blog post on my very first website for my very first book. Excited and filled with anticipation. It’s a new ride for me, and one I’m looking forward to.

It’s also a bit scary. When you’re standing in line for a roller coaster you’ve never ridden before—the kind of ride where your neck snaps out of its socket during loop-di-loops—you’re bound to be a little frightened. I mean, what if the guy who welded the thing was thinking about his six-pack at home instead of focusing on the task at hand? What if the thing wasn’t engineered correctly and the car flies off the tracks (those things have happened in the history of roller coasters).  What if you want to get out the very minute that you’re buckled into that tiny little seat with those padded bars around your neck (the neck which will soon be temporarily dislocated at first descent)? Oh, the claustrophobia when you suddenly want to get off something but can’t (yes, planes count in my book)! The thoughts of all these things might cause fear in someone, at least in someone like me who tends to… uh, overthink things.

Well, these things also apply to blogging for the first time. I’ll admit that while I’m excited and filled with anticipation, I’m also a little scared. It's the big unknown. Who knows where the journey will take me? Will I have enough to say day after day? (I'm sure I will because I tend to be jabber-jaws, but who said fear is rational?) And worst of all: what if my neck becomes dislocated without ever leaving my chair, simply from staring at the computer too long? As you can tell, I value my neck and its alignment.

Okay, so there it is: my very first blog post on being both excited and scared at the same time. Maybe with a few more posts, the excitement will remain but the fear will take a back seat because I’ll know what to expect. Just like a roller coaster ride.

Weekly posts to come.  

photo credit: conorwithonen via photopin cc