My Bucket List

In my book, Carpe DiEmily, the main character, Emily, writes a bucket list to complete in a year. On her list are such wild things as skinny dipping, having a one-night stand, and running with the bulls in Pamplona. It's gotten me thinking about my own bucket lists, past and present. Before I get into my current list, here are some of the things I've already done (items marked with asterisks are the same as Emily's in the book):

Completed Bucket List Items:

1.) See the Rose Parade live

2.) Learn how to scuba dive

*3.) Parasail 

*4.) Learn how to dance well

5.) Get a college degree

6.) Live in another country

7.) Have children (best thing I ever did)

8.) Learn how to paddle board or surf (I did both)

9.) Learn a second language fluently (I learned Spanish)

*10.) Visit New York

*11.) Run with the bulls in Pamplona

12.) Take a picture with a famous person (it was Oprah!)

13.) Learn how to ski well

14.) Write a book

15.) Publish a book


My New (As of Yet Uncompleted) Bucket List:

1.) Swim with dolphins in Hawaii

2.) Learn how to snowboard with my kids (without breaking a bone)

3.) Volunteer with an international organization to help women & children

4.) Get a Master's Degree (Cultural Anthropology would be such a cool major!)

5.) Take a trip around the world (I can dream!)

6.) Eat nothing but chocolate for one whole day, while sitting in a bubble bath

7.) Have lunch or dinner with Cheryl Strayed, author of WILD

8.) Raise my kids to be happy, healthy, and to know who they are

9.) Learn another language fluently (French would be great!)

10.) Learn how to dance the tango well with hubby (last time we tried a lesson, we both got snappy with each other and never went back) ;P

11.) Run a marathon

12.) Learn how to make the perfect tiramisu (last time I tried, I nearly poisoned my guests by accident--too much rum!) 

13.) Write and publish my memoir (I've had a craaazy life!) 

14.) Live to be 100 (yes, I'm ambitious)  :)


So there you have it: an old bucket list and a new one. Now tell me, what's on YOUR bucket list? I'd love to hear about it. :)