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The day has finally come! The Simone Series is published and live on all platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Google). Book 1 is currently FREE! I'm very excited about this series! These books follow Simone (Emily's best friend) through a series of hilarious dating disasters as she tries to find a date to her friend's wedding. For fans of CARPE DiEMILY (and of the brash character Simone), you're in for some belly laughs as Simone wades through the muck that is so often the dating world. I hope you enjoy the series! The book description is listed below. As always, I would be grateful if you would consider leaving a review for the Simone series as reviews are so important to authors and the success of their books. Contact me to let me know when you do, so I can thank you personally! Smile

I hope you enjoy the series, and please let me know your favorite parts! As always, some of the situations actually happened in real life. I'll let you guess which ones, although if pressed, I might reveal some of the crazy backstories! Ha, ha. Sealed


Riley J. Ford

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 SIMONE: ADVENTURES IN DATING (Books 1-5) is a standalone prequel to the hilarious bestselling series, CARPE DiEMILY. This series can be read separately from CARPE DiEMILY. ***BOXED SET SALE: ENTIRE SERIES $4.99 FOR LIMITED TIME. SAVE $7.96 ON FIVE BOOKS!*** 18+ for heat factor and mature situations  ****BOOK 1 IN SERIES IS CURRENTLY FREE!****

All my life, I've been a man-magnet. Everywhere I go, guys drop at my feet. After all, I have a perfect body, insatiable sex drive, and a razor wit. I'm also modest (can't you tell?). Trouble is, I've never been lucky in love. I only attract guys who forget their wallets and show up to dates wearing #@%#-stained clothes. With my best friend's wedding around the corner, I finally decide enough is enough. I'm not only going to find the perfect date to her wedding, but I'm going to find Mr. Right: a gorgeous man with a great sense of humor, a chiseled bod, talent in bed, and a big...(ahem) wallet. Is that too much to ask? If all goes right, my quest will lead me into the arms of my perfect match...or will it?

Simone Series
Set Includes:

Book 1 (The Billionaire): Simone meets a mysterious and charming billionaire who sweeps her off her feet. He might just be her perfect date...and more. But does he have a secret side?

Book 2 (The Billionaire Revealed): Simone discovers the billionaire's secret, and it could be a deal breaker. Luckily, there's a sexy, down-to-earth cowboy waiting in the wings. But will his big, er...hat be enough to keep her interested?

Book 3 (The Cowboy): The sexy, truck-obsessed cowboy knows how to dance and woo the ladies, especially Simone. Unfortunately, he's also hiding his true self. Does Simone discover who he really is before she gives her heart? Or will their romance go up in flames?

Book 4 (The Cop): Just when Simone least expects it, she meets a handsome, virile cop who has eyes only for her. He's attentive, devoted, and always has his big gun cocked and ready. He rocks her world while making her his own...but does his obsession go too far?

Book 5 (The Attorney): Simone has finally found the perfect man to take to her best friend's wedding: an attorney who makes her feel so good it should be against the law. But when lovers from both their pasts show up, will that threaten what they've begun to build?